All private dining rooms and function rooms are individually decorated and can be set up to meet your specific needs. We cater for company board meetings, presentations, exhibitions and any ohter type of social gathering you may wish to have.



Bandahara Ballroom

The Bandahara Ballroom is the largest function room in the Club. It subdivides into 3 equal sections via an ingenious partitioning system allowing it to be utilized in its entirety or scaled down to suit specific events. With splendid views over Jakarta, the Bandahara is ideal for all occasions.


Balease / Arjuno Room

These two partitioned rooms and useable either singularly or combined. Decor is classic and warm with a view of the city which is breathtaking in the evening
Sangiang / BaturayaRoom
These 2 partitioned rooms are usable either singularly or together. Suitable for all types of event from private dinners to meetings and seminars.
Decorated in a up market Asian theme, the neutral ambiance lends itself to most events.

Malintang Room

A splendid small private dining room idea for a Chinese table of ten or an intimate family gathering. Decorated in Ivory tones with warm accents. This is a splendid venue.


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